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Lake Michigan Salmon Trips

There is not a more ferocious predator swimming the Great Lakes than the Chinook(King) Salmon. From Mid-July through August, these fish are eating machines that are fattening up for their annual run up their native rivers to spawn. A lure strike from a King Salmon is like nothing else in the Great Lakes, and will put your angling ability and tackle to the test. Reel screaming runs of 400 feet or more are the norm with these fish, and multiple fish on at the same time are not uncommon. Once your in a fight with one of these fish, you’ll know why they’re called “Kings

Also roaming the same deep blue waters as the Salmon are the Great Lakes Steelhead. Sometimes called “Silver Bullets”, Steelhead are know for spending more time out of the water than in the water during the fight. A “Steelie” jumping 6 feet out of the water, with the beautiful Silver-Blue shine of their scales in the sun, is sure to make instant memories for the angler! A formidable opponent for even the best fisherman, the Steelhead will give you a fight to remember!

We fish the Northern tip of Lake Michigan, out of the ports of Fairport and Manistique. Known as the 2 best ports for Salmon in Northern Lake Michigan, each port has its own advantages depending on the season. Trolling spreads of Spoons, Flasher and Fly combo’s, and Herring rigs, we use the boats electronics to locate the temperature breaks and schools of hungry Salmon. We use a mix of Downriggers and Wire Divers , along with suspended wire lines and drop weights, to reach the fish that are down deep. Lead Core Line and Slide Divers are used to target fish far away from the boat and higher in the water column.

Due to the fact that the Salmon are a “low-light predator” preferring darker conditions, our morning trips will leave the dock well before Sunrise, usually 4:30a.m. Our evening trips will usually last until an hour or so after Sunset, or about 11p.m. Full day trips leave the dock at 4:30a.m. and return about 2:30p.m.

Jump aboard our tournament winning fishing machine named “RELENTLESS”, loaded with top-of-the-line electronics and fishing gear, and let Daybreak Charters show you the thrill that Lake Michigan has to offer!

2017 Lake Michigan Salmon Trip Pricing
1-5 People
6 Hour Morning Trip
6 Hour Evening Trip
9 Hour Full Day Offshore Trip

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